Taiwanese Veterinarian Who Had To Put Animals Down At Shelter Committed Suicide

It has been reported in Daily Mail that a Taiwanese veterinarian who had to put animals down at a shelter in Taiwan had committed suicide as she was too distraughted with the number of dogs she was having to euthanise because the shelter was running out of space.

Animal lover: Jian had worked at the centre for some years and was described as kind and caring
Animal lover: Jian had worked at the centre for some years and was described as kind and caring

Jian Zhicheng, a veterinarian and a director of the Xinwu Animal Protection and Education Centre was  looking after animals at the shelter. The center carries out mercy killings whenever they run out of space and the veterinarian was the one who had to put the animals down.

It was after a television programme revealed the number of animals that she was forced to put to sleep, she started to get threatening messages from animal rights activists and some folks even called her a ‘butcher with beauty’. She had then been alleged to have become upset and distressed.

Zhicheng was described by many who knew her as an animal lover who tried very hard to promote adoption of the animals at the shelter; hence those harsh words from angry activists apparently took a devastatingly emotional toll on her. According to the publication, Zhicheng referred to her anguish feelings and thoughts over having to repeatedly end the lives of those animals which she loved in her suicide note.

The overwhelming burden of trying to fix the problem of too many unwanted pets, a lack of adopters, and no space to house theose unwanted animals, fell squarely upon Zhicheng’s shoulders and when she was unable to solve issue, which apparently became too much for her to bear. Using the same euthanasia drugs, Zhicheng took her own life – dying on May 12 in hospital after been found unconscious.

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